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Shell Energy Retail Ltd

Starting in 2018, I spent three years in the Shell Energy brand team as a graphic designer leading and contributing to various projects and campaign that were run across both online and offline channels.


I was responsible for the design of engaging, best practice creative solutions across all Shell Energy communications and marketing campaigns, to ensure a clear, strong and consistent visual representation of the Shell Energy brand.

Shell Portfolio PagesBrand Guides.jpg
Shell Portfolio PagesEnergy Leave behind.jpg
Shell Portfolio PagesGoal Zero Banners.jpg
Shell Portfolio PagesOffice wall graphics 2.jpg
Shell Portfolio PagesShell Generic fyers.jpg
Shell Portfolio PagesSpring Sale.jpg
Shell Portfolio PagesShell Tri fold 1.jpg
Shell Portfolio PagesOffice wall graphics.jpg
Shell Portfolio PagesGrand Designs Stand.jpg
Shell Portfolio PagesGoal Zero Flyers.jpg
Shell Portfolio PagesBlack Friday.jpg
Shell Portfolio PagesShell Generic pull ups.jpg
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