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A Bit About Me

I’m George, a UK-based graphic designer specialising in logo design, branding and print. Over the years I have worked with companies of all sizes within various industries to help create, shape and evolve their brands for both print and digital media. Having spent 10 years in the industry—and living in the midst of a global pandemic—I decided it was time to pursue my lifelong ambition of going freelance, so here I am today!


I have experience working with small businesses and startups that are at the very beginning of their branding journey, as well as established multinational companies that run major digital ad campaigns. I find great joy in helping to bring brands and their stories to life by providing them with the aesthetic guidance and the creative tools they need to flourish. Some notable work experiences I've had include working for Shell Energy Retail Ltd as a principle designer, and Mash Media, a world leader in the live events and exhibitions industry. For more details, you can view my work history here.

My portfolio is really quite diverse in range, containing everything from logo design to print advertising to website design. I would prefer to let my work speak for itself, so feel free to check it out.

George Smith full body photograph
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