Simplicity Staffing

I was tasked to design a logo for a new recruitment business, Simplicity Staffing. The client wanted a simple monogram accompanied by clean typography. I designed a device in the shape of the letter S and used the negative space within the shape to create a hidden S to match up with their company name. The simplicity of the logo compliments the name of the business really well and can be used across multiple applications without losing clarity.


Red Recruitment

Red Recruitment specialises in recruiting for the events industry, focusing primarily on exhibitions, meetings, conferences, and publishing. I was approached to design their logo and marketing collateral for their forthcoming campaigns and promotions. The logo device denotes the connection between the candidate and the employer, locked up with a sans serif font.


Personal Projects

In my free time I like to flex my creativity in different design applications and create pieces just for fun. I believe that practice makes perfect, and I love to challenge myself to create complex and minimalist designs in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Below are just a few examples, but feel free to check out my Instagram page for my latest designs.