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Event Production Show

Branding project for outdoor event organisers 2018

The Event Production Show (EPS) is dedicated to the live events industry across sports, music and culture. EPS brings together event professionals from every sector; from event promoters, festival organisers, production companies, corporate event planners, charities, experiential and marketing agencies, local authorities, government bodies and everything in between and beyond.


I led the creative direction of the look and feel of the 2018 show, and produced engaging design treatments that ran consistently through a number of different online and offline marketing communications.  

EPS Portfolio PagesEPS Logo.jpg
EPS Portfolio PagesEPS Poster 2.jpg
EPS Portfolio PagesEPS Web.jpg
EPS Portfolio PagesEPS Logo banners.jpg
EPS Portfolio PagesEPS Poster.jpg
EPS Portfolio PagesEPS Flyers.jpg
EPS Portfolio PagesEPS Digi Sign.jpg
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