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Elfi's Retreat

Holistic massage therapy branding project 2021

Having just started a new massage therapy business, my client needed help creating a whole new brand image, starting with a logo design. I wanted to create a logo that was emotionally meaningful to the client, and on top of that, embody their mission of healing and wellbeing. 


I took inspiration from the location of their massage studio, which is situated within a tranquil garden, landscaped using a Japanese forest theme, incorporating lots of bamboo, ferns and grasses. A defining feature at the centre of their garden is a beautiful tree, which helps to create a relaxing atmosphere before entering the studio. Channeling all of these elements, the resulting logo design is a visual representation of a customer's journey to Elfi's Retreat through their garden, with the sun symbolising the feeling of being refreshed and revived post-treatment.


In addition to this, I also created several assets to bring the brand to life, including a website incorporating all their business information to aid consumer trust and encourage more bookings. 

Elfis Retreat Portfolio PagesER Logo.jpg
Elfis Retreat Portfolio PagesWeb.jpg
Elfis Retreat Portfolio PagesTote Bag.jpg
Elfis Retreat Portfolio PagesBiz Cards.jpg
Elfis Retreat Portfolio PagesSignage.jpg
Elfis Retreat Portfolio PagesFlyer.jpg
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